Pairings and upcoming breedings

We have plans for the following breedings for the Summer of 2022! 

Updated June 30th

Temptation & Kieran - F1 Standards - Traditional - Limited - breeding july/aug


Oak& Kieran - F1 Small Standards - Traditional - Availability - Bred Due 7/29

Stormi & Kieran - F1 Standard - merle & Traditional - Limited - Bred Due 7/25

Sushi & Kieran - F1 Standard - Merle & Silvers - Availability - Due 8/7

We only accept ten future puppy parents on our lists at one time. We have ONE (out of 10) spots left until the pups are on the ground and we know how many we have.

Traditional & Silver: $3,000. |:| Merle: $3,500

Standards are 50-70 pounds at maturity.

florida merle sheepadoodles
Florida Sheepadoodle
Waiting List Information

Our waiting list can vary from 4 months to 12 months due to limited breedings and a waiting list already in place. We should have it posted above on what breedings will have availability and when they are due. 


To get on our waiting list an application fee is needed of $500 for 3rd pick or later, or $1000 for 1st or 2nd pick of the litter. 99% of the time, we will retain 1st pick unless otherwise stated.

If we have any waiting list availability posted above, feel free to submit an application and we will be in touch so we can get you on our list!

We do have breedings posted and their projected due dates. We know the females that are due with puppies will have more availability than what we have posted available, but we like to be safe and make sure our waiting list has priority before the public

Available Puppies

When we know how many applications we can open up to the public after puppies are born, we will be posting them here the first week of August.

Please stay tuned and I will update this when puppies are born. Thank you!