Frequently asked questions

Health testings

What Health Testing Do you do?

Almost all of Our dogs are DNA genetically tested, and OFA certfifed right at 1 year. (THIS IS NOT JUST A REGULAR VET EXAM) Our dogs have recieved the following for OFA certified health testing prior to breeding: 1) Hips 2) Elbows 3) Cardiac 4) Patellas 5) Eyes When our dogs are the age of 2, they are CHIC cerfied with OFA. Our pup parents receive copies of parents health testing, as well as you can view our dogs on the OFA website by searching their name as well!

We are fighting hard to stand out with our health testing. Many breeders do not go the lengths that we do to ensure my parent dogs are healthy, and breeding quailty. We make our health testing available to the public so that we can show we are proud, with no dark shadows on our dogs.

You can review the ofa Ratings in depth on their website here

Do you offer a genetic guarentee?


We offer a four year genetic health guarentee with our puppies. Outlines of the guarentee can be found on our facebook group, with a copy of our contract.

What is OFA?

OFA is the Orthopedic Foundation For Animals. They certifiy and rate dogs hips, elbows, cardiac, eyes, thyroid, and more. When you have dogs that have been rated by the OFA, you have an idea on if the dog is genetically healthy -> carries for a heart murmer, bad hips, or bad eyes, etc.

This is more then just a phsyical vet exam, this is in depth blood work, x rays, or seeing specialists and getting forms rated and sent into OFA for their opinon on each dog. Depending on if i Use PENN HIPP for hips, then supply to OFA for their breed standards testi ng, our costs per dog can vary up towards $1,500-$2,000 in just the health testing alone. We do this at age 1, and age 2 PER DOG.


What Generations of Sheepadoodles do you breed?

We breed Both F1 and F1b. Our stud, waffles, carries many of the OLD ENGLISH traits, and coat. So our f1bs vary from a wavy coat, to minimal curl. Kieran is our OES male, that we breed to our poodle females at this time, for f1. Finley is our upcoming Merle f1 for f1b generations in 23'

What generation of Whoodles do you breed?

We currently breed F1 STANDARD Whoodles, our last whoodle breeding for f1 standards mid 2021. We will be introducing MINI Whoodles in '22!

Why do you not have many breedings of poodles?

I only breed for purebred poodles when i personally need a new addition, and plan on retiring a female within the next year or so.

If i intend on retiring a female, i will breed her for purebred poodles, and hold back one or two females to take her spot eventually.

We have very colorful dogs, and many of our dogs come from showlines with proper conformation.
Our parings on poodles are made to better our program for temperment, and color goals.

Do you DOCK tails?

We DO. This is on negotiable as this is how we want our program represented to match the old English sheepdog breed as well as the Wheaton Terrier breed standard. Please do not ask if we will not dock, I would reccomend finding another breeder at that point. (:


Do you offer training?

We do! Visit our training page to see our programs we offer with our puppies prior to going home! Im a professional dog trainer for a living and full time job, we own our company in home and have our board and train clients scheduled 4-6 months in advance.

When do I need to enroll my puppy for training?

Puppies should be enrolled by 8 / 9 weeks to go home on track at 10 weeks.

Parent Dogs

Where do your parent dogs come from?

I have a small circle of breeders i trust that im willing to purchase puppies from. Im very selective on our parent dogs for breeding, and require parents to be health tested. Sushi, Oaklynn are sisters from same litter coming from Dugans Pooodles & Doodles. Mahi, Millie are from Dugans Poodles an doodles that were Her picks of the litter from her Studs being used. Swagger - mini - from Dugans Poodles & Doodles. My pick of litter. Emma came from Carrie & Audie Cash. @ Cash's Polite Poodle. Purchased as a proven adult.

Lemon came from Lake View Old English Sheepdogs. Our newest additon is Peaches, and she came from Le Harells Poodles.

Are we able to see the parents?

Of course!

Whenever you come to choose your puppy, your able to meet the parents!

Where do your parent dogs stay?

Because we dont allow our dogs to live outside, we have a 600 SQ ft building purchased for the dogs that is double AC, and heated. Each dog has their own crate set up, and they follow a schedule for going out and play time. Our client dogs that live with us for training, are housed the same.

All of our dogs are able to go out together, and play. We only seperate dogs when females are in season, that way we have no accidental breedings.

What are your parent dogs fed?

We feed our adults SPORT DOG FOOD, "DOCK DOG" We supply our puppy owners with Active "CUB" Sport dog food, puppy kibble, upon sending puppies home.


Do you microchip your puppies?

YES. - In in our Bill of Sale contract/health guarentee, when your puppy is chosen, your puppies microchip number, date of birth, parents, etc are on this contract. That way at 6-7 weeks when you choose your puppy, you know your getting the same puppy you picked, as well as keeping us on the microchip with you, incase the dog is given up without permission, or lost. The microchip is also pre registered for you, at cost to us.

When do the waiting list families pick their puppies?

Our waiting list families get to start puppy picking at 7 weeks of age. They can choose to come to our location, facetime, or leave it up to us on what puppy might benefit them the best. I try to be flexible!
Our choosing process goes in order of deposits received on our master list for that breed.

Do you do Puppy Culture with your puppies?


We follow along with the puppy culture protocol, feel free to check them out!
Its a wonderful headstart to teach puppies a baseline of expected behaviors, early socialization and a huge jumpstart to a new family!

Early ENS training, nail trimmings, early grooming introductions, desensitization to all noises and learning from an early age to have a positive outlook and develop into a confident puppy!

When can we visit?

We allow owners to visit at 7 when we allow puppy picks.

We do not allow outside families to engage with our puppies prior to 7 weeks of age.
We also are on a very limited basis on outside families visiting with us and our dogs. Our families only come on site at puppy choosing times, and picking up puppie to take home. You will NOT have access to our pregnant moms, as diseases and stress can cause issues, For this we reccomend joining our private facebook families group to see our dogs, videos of them and past/current litters, and our environment.

Do your puppies see the vet prior to leaving?

YES. Our puppies see the vet at 6 weeks of age, receive first vaccines, and again at 9 weeks for vaccines and a Florida Health Certificate. Puppies have a florida health certificate and fecal check within 1-5 days of leaving us. We prefer to be as close as possible to the leaving date, but sometimes the vet is full, we do not want to exceed the 5 days from visiting the vet to being transferred to new owners.
You ALWAYS have acess to speaking with our vet!! I want the transition to go smooth, and you be able to know your puppy is in great health when leaving us. Our Vet is Dr. SHAW, @ Choice Veterinary Services, in Punta Gorda, fl.


We do dock tails to match the parent breed standards, old English sheepdog's as well as Wheaton Terriers, and poodles all have a breed standard through AKC to have docked tails, on the sheepadoodle's we do dock tails to match the old English breed standard of a nub, the Wheaton Terrier we leave about a 2 inch nub/tail.

Waiting List / Purchasing

How do I get on your Master Waiting List?

Thanks for askin'! . Right now my waiting lists are OPEN. . Please Fill our an application to touch base about being added to our master waiting list, our waiting lists for breeds and puppies being chosen, go in order of deposits recieved. . Please visit our master waiting list page. . . Our waiting list requires a non refundable deposit of $300 - deposit contract signed and sent back to me, and access to our family group for updates on breedings. You will always have acess to your place in line on our list, videos, and other families in our social media group.

What is your Deposit Fee? When is that due?

Our deposits are $300. They come out of your puppies entire balance.

Deposits are required to be paid, prior to getting on our waiting lists.

Purchasing / How Can I Pay?

You can pay with the following; *Venmo - @ puppy selection *Paypal - @ Puppy Selection - friends & family only. *Check - @ Puppy Selection *CASH - pick up ONLY.

Planned Breedings

When are you breeding for moyens?

Moyen Sheepadoodles are 50 pounds and under.
17-20" at the shoulder in height. Pairing for these are: Millie X Waffles.

When are you breeding for Standards?

We are breeding for Standard sheepadoodles:
Standards are 50 pounds and over. Pairings: Kieran x Sushi; Emma x Kieran.


What is a Whoodle?

Whoodle is a wheaten terrier mixed with a standard poodle or miniature poodle.

What is the Whoodle Coat Like?

The Coat of an F1 Whoodle, is loose and wavy with a low to no shedding. The coat of an f1b whoodle is wavy with some curl, with no shedding.

How big do your small standard whoodles get?

My SMALL standard Whoodles get 30 to 35 pounds in weight and 18 - 20 inches at the shoulder.

What size do your Micro Whoodles get?

The micro Whoodle grows to about 15 to 20 pounds and between 10 to 14 inches at the shoulder