Mini Sheepadoodles
Mini Sheepadoodles: $3,600. 
Black - Blk & White - Mostly White - Brown & White
$4,000 -
 merle, brindle, phantom, tri-color.

Planned Breedings:

Not until late 2022.

Lemon & Swagger - Merle Parti - Full Merle - Grey & white.


14-19" At Shoulder -  45 pounds & under.


Visit our dog's page to see our parent dogs.


Standard F1 Sheepadoodles

(50% oes x 50% poodle) 

Sheepadoodles: $3,000. 
Black - Blk & White - Mostly White - Brown & White
$3,500 -
 merle, brindle, phantom, tri-color.


FALL PLANNED BREEDING (going home winter)

Sushi X Kieran -  Merles Expected.

2022 Breeding-

Peaches xx Kieran - Brindles - Black/white

Lemon & Mahi - Parti Merle - Black & White Parti

F 1 Standards:

20-30" At the shoulder. - 60 pounds & over.


Visit our dog's page to see our parent dogs.

F1 Small Standard Whoodles Mid 2021

(Wheaten Terrier, X Poodle)


Oaklynn X Otis.


Whoodles $2,800 
Black - Blk & White - Sable
$3,200 -
 merle, brindle, phantom, tri-color.

Size: 25 - 36 pounds.


Colors expecting:



  • BLUE

LAST Breeding for Small Standard Whoodles this summer.

Fully grown: 

30-40 pounds

We are revamping our whoodle website information




Let us help you add to your family!

The first thing that I suggest for all potential puppy owners is that you take the time to become educated about our lovely Sheepadoodles, and Whoodles, please contact me with any other questions you may have!


  • I will need to know what hybrid breed, size, and gender you prefer and would work best for your home, and lifestyle.


  • We can help you choose how many weeks of Doodle  School you need, depending on the type of training you are seeking.


  • Please fill out a contact form for us to be in contact, you will be contacted by text, call, or email to discuss the available or upcoming puppies, and a non-refundable retainer will need to be placed to put you on our list. 


  • To be on our waiting lists, we do require a $300 non-refundable retainer, which comes out of your puppy balance.


  • We will occasionally have available puppies featured on our Available Puppy Page that can be adopted immediately.  


  • PLEASE NOTE - specific color, breed preferences could increase your wait time by 6-9 months.

Sheepadoodle Information

  • Sheepadoodles can adapt to any climate, adjust to an apartment life as well as a backyard, exercise will be your best friend as well as mental stimulation for the breed combinations.

  • Sheepadoodle puppies are raised with puppy culture protocols, with early neurological stimulation from day two. We continue on this protocol until puppies leave us, it helps the puppies to be able to process stress in better ways, adapt to loud noises, thunderstorms, fireworks, early desensitization, as well as getting used to other people as well as dogs. This makes our sheep a doodle puppies eager to learn, easily trainable, as both please as the old English sheepdog and the poodles both,  are eager to learn and need mental stimulation to maintain proper behaviors.

  • You will frequently find people call the sheepadoodle a shark a doodle, because the breed can be rather mouthy from an early age due to the herding lineage, we always recommend starting training early on so that way you can curb these behaviors and teach the puppies as they grow into adults that certain behaviors will not be tolerated from all of the family members. They are dogs and we are humans, we firmly believe us dogs sure to have a certain limitations to what they are allowed to do we are firm believers in dogs should have rules and structure so that way they can be better behaved for all of the family members instead of just listening to only one family member. We are professional trainers for a living so for us this will be one of the best advice points for us to provide you early on.

  • Sheepadoodles can adapt to any climate, adjust to an apartment life as well as a backyard, exercise will be your best friend as well as mental stimulation for the breed combinations.

  • Coat variations from the first generation (F1) to the first generation bred back to the poodle (F1B) will vary in slight ways. 
    An F1 will have an equal chance of grasping traits from each parent breed. Many follow suit of the OES coats, some follow with Poodle. We find most of our coat combinations in the F1 will be wavy with minimal to extremely low shedding.

  • The F1B which is 75% poodle, and 25% OES, in our lines has more wave to a minimal curl. Along with minimal to no shedding.


  • - As of spring 2021, we breed Mediums and Standard Sheepadoodles.

  • - Mediums are 50 pounds and under. Typically between 30-50 pounds, and 16-20" at the shoulder for height. Please remember we Cannot guarantee sie, only estimate based off breedings and known genetics.

  • - Standards are 50+ pounds and 20 - 25" at the shoulder.  Some can also be larger then estimated, with the standards.

Puppy Wait List
  • We do screen all of our new clients and want to ensure that you will be a good fit for one of our puppies, so we will follow up when your application is received so that we can make sure to be on the right "search" for your new addition. 


  • Our lists fill up very quickly, varying on the season, so we strongly encourage all applicants to apply at least 4-8 months before you desire to bring your puppy home.


  • We spend much time loving on our puppies, so they go home very well socialized. They have been played with by my daughter and handled from the day they were born. The first day a puppy is born at Sheepadoodle Wonderland, we tag and weigh the puppy, and then a schedule is developed. The very next day, we begin "Early Neurological Stimulation."  Crucial for proper neurological development. It has also been proven to increase the intelligence, and temperament of the babies. You'll be able to find videos of our puppy progress in our families group for puppies.


When Is My Balance Due?
  • The balances for these puppies will be due at 8 weeks old, via Venmo/Paypal. Otherwise, Cash only/venmo allowed at pick up at 8.5/9 WEEKS OF AGE.


  • Puppies unconfirmed or unpaid for will be offered to the next family on the list.


  • We suggest that you enroll your puppy in Doodle School by eight  weeks of age, to receive a little extra schooling before arriving home. Doodle school payments are due when puppies are 9 weeks of age.


Pick up | Shipping



  • Cargo:  $450.00 we use delta airlines. - Puppy crate, health certificates, is included in the fee. - Not available currently.


  • Airport: Meeting us by flying into our local airport and returning home. 


  • Our location: Coming to our place & meeting us, and getting your new puppy.


Payment Options

It is our goal to offer superior and efficient service to all of our customers.

The following are several payment options currently available to you.

  • PAY IN PERSON: with cash.

  • PAY WITH CARD: Venmo.

  • Payments on puppies are due by six weeks of age, or cash upon the day of pick up at our location at eight weeks of age.

  • Doodle school payments due at enrolling | fully trained five-month-old puppy half upon starting & last half, halfway through the program.

  • *NOTICE: There is a 3.5% Convenience Fee for PayPal.


When visiting our location to pick out a puppy, or pick up your puppy, please pay attention to the following:


  • We do not allow guests before 7 weeks of age, guests are ONLY allowed at waiting lists choosing, 8.5/9  weeks pick-up dates, or training graduation date.

  • Videos are provided multiple times a week in our private family group.

  • When coming to see our puppies - please be prepared for us to ask you to wash your hands, and use hand sanitizer. - Their safety and health is our number one concern. please understand.

  • We will schedule waiting list choosings on a weekend, and it will go in order of retainers received, and pick up days will be scheduled as well.

  • If you were not on a waiting list for a puppy at the time of choosing, you are not allowed out until the 7-week mark for choosing, or pick up at 8.5/9 weeks.

  • Waiting list families are scheduled on a weekend at the age of 7 weeks to come by appointment in order of deposit received. If we have a puppy available leftover you are interested in after the waiting list weekend is over, you will be able to facetime or decide on the puppy via videos/facetime only, and then proceed to pick up on scheduled go-home dates or training graduation day. We arrange a very long weekend for waiting list families and offer a plethora of videos to make the choosing process easy, in our family group.

  • We do run a full-time training business with other clients and try to schedule weekends off for our familiy. We find the process above to suit us the best.

  • Puppies can start heading home after their 10 weeks old, Vet clearance two rounds of vax, health certificate & check-up have been established.


What do our puppies come with:

Items included upon puppy purchase:

  • Four years of Genetic health guarantee. 

  • Copy of signed & written contract. 

  • Vet certified health certification  (Please feel free to speak to our vet about your puppy)

  • Vaccines at 6 weeks, then vaccines at 9 weeks.

  • All Records from the vet, and vaccines.​

    • Basic Go Home Puppy Kit 

  • Lifetime Breeder Support.

  • Dewclaws removed & tail docked at TWO days old. (Nonnegtionabale)

  • Copy of parents' genetic testing  & OFA Results.

  • Microchipped, free for lifetime!