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Mini Bernedoodles

  • Reservation fees are $500 and come from the final balance due at 7 weeks via Venmo/Credit Card or cash at pick up.

  • Puppy selections are made by video/pictures at the buyer's discretion. 

  • Families are not allowed to our home until the scheduled pick-up day.

  • Individual Video & picture updates are made once a week, besides some small snapshots throughout the week.

  • Pick up at eight weeks after vet clearances.

  • Pick-up Dates will be provided two weeks before so you can make arrangements.

  • 1st breeding by Durin & Ocean, Creating a F3b Multi-generation 

  • Multigen is usually a 60/40 split of each Bernese or poodle parent breed. Breeding several f1 (50/50) to create the f2, and then bred to another f1, to create the f3. MULTIGEN IS THE MOST CONSISTENT.

  • Please note: This is our first year breeding MINI bernedoodles; you can scroll through and see our standards on social media sites.

  • Once a deposit is submitted, we will send you our FB families group to join for updates and to see previous litter and puppies.

  • Please review our previous Facebook and Instagram posts to see our previous litters. Facebook has individual albums for each adult dog, as well as our YouTube channel updated with rearing information/photos & videos.

Tri / Black & White: $3,000

Merle: $3,400

Puppies Born 3/19 | Go home May 14th

Make a $500 non-refundable but transferable deposit here. There is a $20 fee added to Paypal. Please use Venmo for no fee. 

Venmo: @Lyr-Edwards. (Last 4 digits 4094)

Contact us for a Credit Card Invoice, including a 4% fee.

The breeder buyout option has a higher cost, but it allows us to select dogs with the best personalities personally, looks, and structure. These are the dogs we would select for ourselves and our brand, but available to you.


1. Breeder selection - Buyout $4,500

2. Mel B.

3. open

4. open

5. Open

6. open

7. open

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Meet  The Puppies

4 Week Old Pictures Updated 4/17


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