Don't be alarmed by the length of the list, every family situation varies. Some are waiting for the right timing, and will pass on current availability. Some have very specific desires about "the look" and may pass due to markings or color.  Availability has been offered multiple times to many of the Families on this list - they are just waiting for the right pup at the right time. The list moves rather quickly!




Please BE AWARE;  We closely estimate breeding dates and due dates, yet there is never a guarantee as to when our females come in season. There are also occasions where breeding does not produce a litter, or a smaller litter results.  These are factors beyond our control, so please take this into consideration when contemplating adding your name to the waiting list.  There can be a bit of a wait if you are looking for a certain color/markings/gender. This is also in your signed contract.


Regarding the Deposit List-

We have one master list, not separate lists for the different generations or litters. ONLY being separated by breed.
Puppies are chosen in order of deposits received.  If it is your turn and you feel it is not the right fit for your family, you will stay on the list and continue to move up as puppies are chosen.


Deposit Fees are $300, and NON-refundable to be on our waiting list, requiring an application, as well as a signed Deposit contract.


Sheepadoodle List;


1.. Genevieve - F Sushi. 

2. Susan King -F  Sushi

3. Sarah C - M Sushi

4. Stephanie Garcia - MIlie - B.

5. Morgan T - Apple / Millie - B

6. Michael S- Fall - Lemon

7.Bea W - Sushi - breeding rights - Fall

8.. Laura & Mike - FALL.

9. Elizabeth I - M Sushi - Spr

10. Laura S - M Sushi - Spr







Whoodle List Spring;

1. Jennifer

2. Stacy C.

3. Clare K.

4. Diane B.

5. Becky H