Pairings and upcoming breedings (STILL UPDATING) CLOSED APPLICATIONS

We have plans for the following breedings for LATE 2022! 

Sailor & charlie/Swagger - f1 Minis OR F2 standards - Merle Tris 

Ocean & Trouble - F1b Minis - Tri Merle, Tri 

$3000-$3,700 - See FAQ.

Waiting List Information

Right now, our waiting list for Bernedoodles is looking like a timeframe of 6 to 14 months depending on the size, and pair that you are looking for, for breeding them. Both of our girls are awaiting their first or second heat cycle finishing testing and making sure we can proceed forward safely for the best health and of course color combinations for proper litters.

Trouble is an outside stud he is a miniature poodle, that carries tric-color, if we proceed to move forward to use him, I will have his DNA and OFA panel listed. He will be bred with Ocean. We still have quite some time to finalize these details.

We are taking our time with sailor to try to coordinate the proper male to utilize with her between swagger and Charlie. Charlie is an outside stud he is an F1 Bernedoodle at 44 pounds. Once we have wrapped health testing up, and finished plans we will move forward.

Available Puppies

When we have available puppies, we will post them here. Thank you for checking in!