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Here you will find our common information requested about how we raise them.

Learning about us and what we do with our puppies.

  • • We raise our puppies in a home environment where our 4-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter actively socialize them with fast movements, talking, and playful interactions.

  • • Puppies stay with their mom until around six - seven weeks, then they start gaining some independence experiencing various sounds, objects, and daily routines for seamless adjustment to new homes and stable temperaments.

  • • Weekly deworming with strongid, followed by Panacur at six weeks and before vet visits, ensures a healthy start. Vet checks, vaccines, and a Florida health certificate at 8 weeks are standard.

  • • Parent dogs undergo DNA and OFA health testing, allowing us to offer a longer health guarantee based on tested bloodlines.

  • • Puppies come home with a Florida health certificate, initial vaccines, deworming, microchip, a go-home bag with food, a sibling-scented toy, a couple of blankets, and all necessary paperwork.

  • • Our program has produced proven service dogs, emphasizing the importance of early training for their growth and development. Start with puppy classes or private lessons to set rules and boundaries for a positive puppyhood experience.

Raising Puppies & Going home.

  • Our puppy purchase includes a four-year health guarantee, covering potential genetic issues. Detailed health testing of our breeding dogs supports this guarantee, and you're welcome to review copies of the tests upon request.


  • • To maintain the health guarantee, owners must wait 16-24 months before spaying or neutering their dogs. Performing the procedure earlier voids the guarantee, as allowing dogs to mature naturally before hormonal changes contribute to their overall well-being.


  • • Puppies under eight weeks are chosen through videos and pictures, and pick-up day is a visiting opportunity. A $500 deposit is required before on-site visits or reserving a ready-to-go puppy, reflecting our commitment to severe families seeking new members.


  • • Balances for puppies awaiting homes are due at seven weeks for PayPal or card payments, while cash is the only accepted method at pick-up. We do provide cash discounts with cash balances. 


  • • No dogs or puppies are held without a deposit, and deposits for dogs with training are transferable but nonrefundable if you change your mind. Balances are due in cash before departure.


  • • Dogs ready to leave won't be held with deposits for more than five days. Extended holds incur boarding fees or require the purchase of a training program, emphasizing the importance of ensuring the right time for bringing a dog home.

Contract, spay/neuter, payments.


Dogs in training & updates

  • Puppies will have once-a-week updates from 2-8 weeks of age.

  • Training puppies will have training updates 2x a week with progress and pictures/videos.

  • Veterinary documents are sent home with each puppy in their puppy folder.

  • Adequate training regimen and outlines are also provided on paper for you to have the best success transferring home

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