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Here you will find our common information requested about how we raise them.

Learning about us and what we do with our puppies.

  • We raise puppies in our home, with us and our kids. Our 3-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter are our main socializers when it comes to the puppies; fast movements, talking, and jumping around are extensive exposures for these guys.

  • Puppies are with mom until about 6 weeks of age, and then we start weaning. Puppies learn to adapt to all sounds, house objects, and daily lives for a more effortless adjustment into your home. 

  • Puppies are dewormed weekly with strongid, and then at six weeks, they are wormed with Panacur for 3 days and again three days before vet visits, helping eliminate any parasites picked up from mom, other pups, etc. They then visit our vet's office for an exam, vaccines, and fecal check, and receive their Florida health certificate at 8 weeks to head home a healthy puppy.

  • Our parent dogs are health tested for DNA for genetic diseases, and OFA for hips, cardiac, and patellas. This is why we feel we can have a longer health guarantees knowing our parent dogs are health tested and come from tested blood lines.

Raising Puppies & Going home.

  • When purchasing a puppy, we have a four-year health guarantee covering genetic ailments that could surface. We health test our breeding dogs in depth to know we can honor this. Please ask for a copy to review before signing/coming onsite.  Feel free to ask to see each dog's health testing.

  • For our health guarantee to stand, owners must wait 16-24 months before spaying or neutering their dogs. If you elect to do the procedure beforehand, your HG is void. Waiting and letting your dogs grow and mature before taking hormones will do more long-term damage; please research early spay and neuter effects.

  • Puppies under eight weeks & not ready to leave are selected by videos & pictures. Pick up day is visiting day.

  • Before coming on-site to visit with a dog (ready to leave) or when claiming a dog to reserve it (ready to leave), a $500 deposit is required. We are only accommodating serious families looking to add new family members. We have MANY requests for people to play with puppies; quite frankly, this is a waste of our business day. 

  • Balances on puppies waiting to go home are due the day we go to the vet, if by card,  or only cash at pick up. Training programs are due at the time of balance.

  • No dogs/puppies are held without a deposit.

  • Dogs ready to leave with training will require a deposit to visit with them and come on-site, if you happen to change your mind, your deposit is transferable but nonrefundable. Balances are due before leaving. 

  • We will not hold dogs (ready to leave) with deposits for more than 5 days. boarding fees of $50 a day or a training program needs purchased, if you need the dog held longer.  If you are looking at a dog, ideally, you should ensure it is the right time to bring a dog home.

Contract, spay/neuter, payments.


Dogs in training & updates

  • Puppies will have once-a-week updates from 2-8 weeks of age.

  • Training puppies will have training updates 2x a week with progress and pictures/videos.

  • Veterinary documents are sent home with each puppy in their puppy folder.

  • Adequate training regimen and outlines are also provided on paper for you to have the best success transferring home

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