Meet Our Dogs

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Since we breed F1 Sheepadoodles, F1b & F2 Bernedoodles and F1b Whoodles you'll find their profiles here to check out!

Wonderlands Black Sheep Kieran

Kieran is our large OES Man! He is 74 pounds and very athletic with loads of energy, he holds true to the OES.. He is a stubborn mule but friendly, and loves kids. He has one brown eye and one bright blue eye. He does throw blue eyes to his puppies.
Visit his OFA profile to learn about his health testing.
Testing: Dna - Hips - Elbows - Patellas -  Eyes - Thyroid


Wonderland got that SWAG from Dugan

Swagger is our MINI merle poodle. He is 11 pounds fully grown. Well adjusted with kids, people and other dogs!
DNA - Eyes

Dugans Fishin For Mahi In Wonderland CGC UCGC

Mahi is our Merle parti standard poodle he is 27 inches at the shoulder and 64 pounds. Tons of workability and trained as a gun dog for bird retrieval.
Testing: Dna - Hips - Elbows - Patellas -  Eyes 


Wonderlands Sweet Lemonade

Lemon is a old English sheepdog, she stands at 22 inches at the shoulder and 50 pounds. She comes all the way from Utah and brings a lot of personality to our program.


Dugans Sushi in Wonderland CGC UCGC


​Sushi is our blue merle standard poodle she is on the medium size at 21 inches at the shoulder but she is very stout at 48 pounds. Carrying a full litter she tops over 50. Her disposition with our family is one of my favorites


Oaklynns Shootin in Wonderland


Oakland is a standard poodle balm of ours at 20 inches at the shoulder, 40 pounds in weight, throw large litters, and has a lot of color behind her.
Testing: DNA - Hips - Elbows - Patellas -  Eyes 

Sunshine Stormi Afternoon with Dugan


Sunshine is a larger standard female at 53-55 pounds and 23" at the shoulder. She is a taller girl with an athletic build.

Testing: DNA - Hips  - 

Dugan's Kaleidoscope of Color with Kilinski


Temptation is a larger standard female at 55-60 pounds and 24" at the shoulder. Her demeanor is outstanding for an adult we brought into our program.
Testing: DNA - Hips - Patellas -  Eyes -

Tropical Papaya In Wonderland


Papaya is a Mini Whoodle from Oaklynn, we kept her from Oak's first litter. Small, energetic, and a nice coat.

Testing: DNA - Hips - Patellas