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Everything you will need to learn!


Tempraments for best fits!

What is the sheepadoodle temperament?

Sheepadoodles can be hyper if left untrained, and unstimulated. They thrive off discipline, structure and exercise. They are easy to work with for socializing and very family oriented. Many do well with water such as pools, beaches and lakes.


Please keep in mind that the OES is known for herding traits so, an untrained sheepadoodle will mouth you a lot and have a nipping habit, it is what they are bred for and does not mean they are being aggressive.


As a breeder and trainer, we try to advocate for people to start puppy classes early to help tach your puppy to self sooth, be calm, and yield anxiety, which is common in the OES traits. Poodles are very versatile in all environments, easy going and usually calm with age.


Training early, setting boundaries, wants and correcting puppy bad habits will give you a calmer puppy and easy going adult dog. This isn't something you HAVE to do but I am highly recommending working with a trainer to set you up for success.

Sheepadoodles can start being picked up at the 8.5 week mark, if they are not remaining for training.

What is the Bernedoodle temperament?

We find that the Bernedoodle has a verily highly trainable mindset in the F1B combination. Because they are primarily poodles they are highly intelligent, problem solvers, eager to engage and always seeking out direction if taught at a young age. Providing them with outlines and rules will only help excel your relationship with the family. They are active, vocal and like to be involved. Please make sure all grooming appointments are kept up  for the best health of your puppy, and we recommend starting with the groomer as soon as 12-15 weeks of age.

Mini Bernedoodles can start leaving at 8.5 - 9 weeks of age. Some of the tinier babies we want to keep extra eyes on for a few days.

What is the Mini Whoodle temperament?

The mini Whoodle being a combination of mostly poodle is easy to engage, can be vocal at times, great family dogs and wonderful with kids. Many of our families have young kids under 10 with their Whoodles, as well as many seniors! These guys do require firm outlines as they tend to pick up many terrier traits and like to be the household leader at times.

Grooming is essential and we recommend starting early for exposure, with your groomer at 12-15 weeks of age.

Mini Whoodles can start leaving at 8.5 - 9 weeks of age. Some of the tinier babies we want to keep extra eyes on for a few days.

What is the Mini Schnoodles temperament?

The Schnoodles definitely take over equal qualities from the schnauzer and a miniature poodle. They can be vocal, and independent but also incredibly playful, easy to engage and great with families. They are a hoot and a very funny breed. They are frequently called another "human" by some for their personalities. 

Mini Schnoodles can start leaving at 9.5 weeks of age. Some of the tinier babies we want to keep extra eyes on for a few days.

Health Testing

What health testing is completed?

I prioritize health testing for DNA as well as hips, elbows, patellas, heart, eyes and thyroid (OES) through our vet, and OFA.ORG

What is your 4 year health guarantee + breeding rights?

Because we extensively health test, and submit to the OFA, as long as parents wait a minimum of 16 months and a maximum of 24 months, we offer a 4-year genetic health guarantee. 


  • This offers more peace of mind if orthopedics don't grow correctly within that offered time frame. If you elect to spay / neuter prior to 16 months, that does VOID our health guarantee and therefore no health guarantee is offered for voiding our contract. You are welcoming more issues as dog's age, by spaying/neutering before growth is finished. Increasing cancer, thyroid issues, temperament, etc.

  • If you wait till after 24 months of age to neuter a $2000 breeding rights fee is due to us. If your electing to keep your dog intact, that is considered a breeding rights option. 


If any litters are produced due to negligence, or purposefully, we do require $3000 to be paid PER PUPPY back to us. Breeding rights were not purchased, so we do intend legally, to uphold our contract, if needed in court.


If you decide you'd like to purchase breeding rights, we do charge $2000.

Raising & Sending Home!

ENS training, exposure, and puppy raising techniques?

Utilize a combination of puppy culture and empowered breeder training protocols from three days old until they are going home. This includes puppy massage which touches a puppy's toes, tail, belly inside the legs, ears, mouth in a nice calm touch as well as putting a little bit of pressure as they get older to mimic young kids and different people touching them.

We expose the puppies to loud sounds such as leaf blowers, pressure washers, music of all varieties, kids, adults, loud toys, and quick / loud movements. When we send home puppies, well adaptable is the goal, and we give the necessary documents for you to be taught how to continue this! We post regularly in our family group with puppy updates.

What goes home with puppies?

Puppies are seen in evaluated by our vet clinic in Punta Gorda, by Dr. Shaw, they receive a thorough exam and Florida health certificate which will list the vaccines that they got and that they are ready to head home.

In the state of Florida and you cannot sell a puppy without a Florida Health Cert within 30 days, we make it a point that our puppies are seen by the vet and the health cert is no more than 5 days old when heading to new families. We like them to be as accurate as possible for the comfort of a healthy puppy.

What goes home with the puppy

1) Food.

2) Vet Documents. - Vaccines + Florida Health Certificate

3) Puppy potty schedule & Temperament testing documents.

4) Toys that smell like siblings.

5) Flea & Tick Prevention. (Simparica)

6) Our Contract & Health Guarantee.

++ Training Documents


Please make sure after your puppy comes home, it is taken to the vet within 3 business days. This is for you to ensure your puppy is healthy and passing its initial exam at the vet's office. This is for your safety and assuring you, over myself.


Our puppies are seen at 8-8.5 weeks with our vet, and start going home at 8.5/9 weeks, and hopefully seen at your vet by 9-9.5 weeks to get established. If you do not take your puppy to be seen within 3 business days, our health guarantee is null and void.

Visitation, and common questions

Do you dock tails?

When docking tails we do dock the sheepadoodle to match the Old English Sheepdog breed standard, the Whoodle, to match the Wheaten Terrier breed standard, and the Schnoodles to match the Scnauzer. AKC breed standard calls for the tail to be docked. We elect to follow this guideline in our program. This is done at 3 days old so that way nerves are not fully developed and does not hurt them.


This process is non-negotionable.

Can we visit?

At this time we only allow WAITING list visitors during puppy selection day and again at puppy pick up day.

Waiting list families get to come out twice, as well as seeing updates in our social media groups to engage and be educated.

We do not allow non deposit holders to visit, or visits any other time outside of pick day, and go home day.

If you are looking at an available puppy but not on our lists we do have a non refundable fee for our time to accommodate. Asking to visit and engage with our adults dogs prior to proceeding with our waiting list is not a practice we allow. Having people engage with pregnant moms is not safe for moms or their hormone changes during pregnancy. Which leads us to only accepting deposit holders our at puppy selection day, and pick up day.

What is puppy selection day?

Puppy selection day is when families come out and choose their puppies in person (4-person limit) or if they cannot come out in person we are sending videos of each puppy that remains and not been selected, and they will have to choose via video and temperament testing results.


Puppy selection day is at 6.5/7 weeks of age and then puppies start going home at 8.5 weeks - 9.5 weeks.

We will invoice families their puppy balances the day before we go to the vet for their exams & health certificates. Invoices must be paid before pick up day. Cash is only allowed at pick up, no other payments accepted.

How do we submit waiting list retainers?

Please make sure you have an application on file. This must be on file for us to add you to our waiting list. 

Once we have an application and waiting list agreement for from you, you have instructions of how to submit payments/request an invoice from us. These payments are refundable minus a 10% fee, in the event no puppies are produced from the requested pair.

When we have this form on file, and payment received we will follow up with our Facebook group access links for updates and engage with other families, VIA TEXT/EMAIL. MAKE SURE YOU JOIN.

When is my balance due?

We will invoice families their puppy balances the day before we go to the vet for their exams & health certificates. Invoices must be paid before pick-up day. Cash is only allowed at pick up, no other payments are accepted.

Training: puppy training programs will be invoiced the day of starting your puppy.

Transport, Flying, and pickup!

Do we offer a flight service?

We do! I can fly your puppy to any of your local airports, where you would meet me, and then I would fly home. This service starts at $800 and goes up to $1500 depending on flights, distance, and so forth!

Can someone meet me halfway driving, or bring home?

We can usually meet a group of families at a halfway location or a location that will suit everyone in the middle, Florida only.  There is a charge per family for us to do this, usually $1/mile.

Pick up day at our location!

Pick-up day is pre-scheduled for families so they know what day & scheduled appointment times they are to be here. We schedule families 1 by 1 so that way there is adequate time for each family to go over all information and folders, again outside of puppy pick day. These schedules will be posted in the client group.

Going home!

When does our new puppy have to get its next vaccines?

Your puppy will need to see the vet within 3 days of being brought home for our 4-year genetic health guarantee to stand. This helps protect you on making sure your puppy is healthy and is established with the vet. Your puppy will be due for its 2nd round of vaccines within 2-3 weeks.

Can we take our new puppy places?

We do NOT reccomend taking your new puppy anywhere but the vets office and its new home. These tiny babies are susceptible to picking up diseases and parasites that being safe is better than being sorry. Your vet will emphasis this as well.

Post updates and engage as they grow, we love to see them!

In our families facebook group, it is a place for you to post questions/pictures and show off your puppy once they are home and growing!