Image by Jarrett Kow

The crew we love!


Wonderlands Black shep Kieran

Kieran is our large OES Man!

He is 74 pounds and very athletic with loads of energy, he holds true to the OES.. He is a stubborn mule but friendly, and loves kids. He has one brown eye and one bright blue eye. He does throw blue eyes to his puppies.

Visit his OFA profile to learn about his health testing.
Testing: Dna - Hips - Elbows - Patellas -  Eyes - Thyroid

Wonderlands Sea Sailor

Sailor is a standard sized Bernedoodle at 64 pounds and has a cuddling personality to die for. Great with the kids, and other dogs.

Testing: DNA - Hips - Elbows - Patellas

Wonderlands SweetLemonade

Lemon is a old English sheepdog, she stands at 22 inches at the shoulder and 50 pounds. She comes all the way from Utah and brings a lot of personality to our program.

Testing: DNA, EYES

Sunshine Stormi Afternoon with Dugan

Sunshine is a larger standard female at 53-55 pounds and 23" at the shoulder. She is a taller girl with an athletic build.

Testing: DNA - Hips  - 

Dugan's Kaleidoscope of Color with Kilinski

Tempy is a larger standard female at 53-55 pounds and 23" at the shoulder. She is a taller girl with an athletic build.

Testing: DNA - Hips  - Patellas - Cardiac

Trillion's Quilling Me Softly

Quille is a Mini Schnauzer that is on the toy size at 10" at the shoulder and 10 Pounds. She is outgoing, great with kids, and other dogs.

Testing: DNA 

Wonderlands Ocean

Ocean is our mini Merle Bernedoodle at 40 pounds. She is paired up with a miniature poodle for tri-color merles, and tris.
Hips OFA excellent

Testing: DNA, Hips

Wonderland Got That Swag From Dugan

Swagger is a 12-pound mini poodle, that is 10" at the shoulder. Not vocal, easy going with dogs and people. Great with kids.

Testing: Eyes, Heart, Patellas & Hips dec 22'

Dugans Fishing for Mahi in Wonderland

Mahi is a 65ibs standard poodle male. He is part merle and has OFA prelims. Trained as a hunting bird retriever.

He is available to outside females and his stud fee is $2,800.

Testing: Hips/Elbows/Cardiac/Patellas & Eyes


Because we have two sailors, for social media purposes we are calling this girl Baylor to the public. That way the two are not confused! Coming from lineage with excellent testing, we are excited to add this large standard female at 65 pounds, to our sheepadoodle program.


Papaya is a F1 Mini Whoodle from our lines. She is 20 pounds with a dark blue coat. Friendly with other dogs and our kids. We are excited to see what she and Swagger will give us!

Testing: DNA - Patellas - Hips - Genetically Clear on eyes