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Sheepadoodle breeder florida

I'm Lyric - > owner, trainer, breeder, mother, and dog mom!


I was blessed with becoming a dog trainer at the age of 13, under a mentor. I opened STONEHAVEN K9 training when I was 15 years old with my mentor. My training program has grown nonstop for the last twelve years. I'm now a mother of two, a daughter and a son—a wife to Christopher and owner of twelve beautiful dogs. Chris works with the dogs and me from home so you will meet him too!

I come from a long line of dog breeders. I started breeding seven years ago with champion-bred Chinese Cresteds, and with our training company and clients needing allergy-friendly coats and reliable temperaments, we moved to doodles. We have proven service dogs in our bloodlines, and we can guarantee temperament for family dogs and do our best to match up service prospects to their new handlers.


My passion for my family and dogs never ends. My pickiness for temperament has built me up with my training career, producing even-tempered dogs suited for workability or simply a loving pet.


My dogs are a top priority in the care and training they receive from me. I aim to title our dogs in Canine Good Citizen tests, Urban Canine, and Community Canine, and some of our poodles are even titled in Duck hunting retrieval. 

Our dogs are used to running, playing, and simply engaging in a large pack of 10 or more daily; they are well-rounded happy go lucky with other animals and people!

Our adult dogs are oriented with people, other dogs, and children of all ages. Our dogs visit public locations frequently to maintain their training and evaluate and maintain a positive temperament from each breeding prospect. My Program is frequently growing, as we put a lot back into our program, their housing, care, and upkeep with training.


We are incredibly picky with our families, and we hope you would also be picky about choosing a breeder that provides extensive detail and cares too. ​

It's not just a sale for us, but someone we add to our extended family with whom we want to have a relationship for several years while your new baby grows.

When reaching out, please list all of the questions you have at that time that may not be answered front and center on our website. I try to have as much outlined as possible for you to read and get answers before reaching out. I'm usually extremely busy with our family, dogs, litter, and owners - so I want you to be supplied with as much as possible. 

We want this to be a suitable investment for you. 

We are one of the few breeders currently extensively health testing ( OFA & DNA ) their breeding dogs.



Health testing is NOT just a vet visit. A regular vet cannot complete a PENHIP/OFA rating on hips or elbows; they must be supplied and sent to the orthopedic foundation for animals for the hips and elbows to receive a rating from their specialists. We use DNA for genetic diseases and color traits. 

Our OFA panels are breed-specific to what needs to be achieved. Please review our dog's page, view their results, and search their names in the OFA system. Many are from quality lineage and still undergoing stages of testing, but many are also thoroughly tested.

Hey Y'all, I'm
Lyric & this is our family

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