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Learn about our program!

Thank you for checking our website to learn a little about our program and how we work. We own a full-time dog training company where we cater to dogs that have not been raised by us training them and their family. We also prioritize this breeding program that you are learning about now.

We put health and temperament first when raising our puppies in our home. Adaptable puppies are the ideal dogs at maturity; a few have suitable service dog qualities. Which are what we strive to breed for. Raising puppies with ENS desensitizing, daily handling from toddlers and adults, among meeting proper growth goals for socializing!

By utilizing OFA for our health testing for hips, elbows, cardiac, and eyes, with temperament testing to help place puppies with families on puppy selection day, we strive for excellence in our program.


Our Mini Whoodles are kids friendly, dog friendly and smart as a whip!


Traditional black and white and our famous merle coloring compliments this breed's striking personality.


Toy Schnoodles that are petite, happy go lucky and adorable!


F1b Bernedoodles with fleece allergy-friendly coats and intelligent personalities.

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Finest Health Guarantee

See why were the best?

Because we extensively health test our breeding parents, we offer a four-year genetic health guarantee which covers life-threatening issues with your puppy as they grow for the first four years of its life.

We honor this guarantee to the families that follow our recommendation and purchase agreement of spaying and neutering between 16 to 24 months of age. This gives your dog's growth plates time to mature and grow to fit the size and deter life-threatening genetic ailments.

Ask us why we find this important and best for your puppy!

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Samantha Davis, FL

"I could not be happier with my dog and am so incredibly thankful to Lyric and Sheepadoodle Wonderland for allowing me to take in such an incredible pup"

"Toby came to us at 9 weeks old, nearly 100% potty and crate trained. He has been happy, healthy, and an absolute joy in our lives. Lyric continues to provide support and a network of dog families even after adoption day.."

"What first attracted me to Wonderland is their outstanding health guarantee - the best I’ve been able to find. And Lyric will provide videos and do video calls so that you can see how your puppy is doing witness their personality. She provides full health and genetic information on the parents, essential to ensure you have a healthy pup"

"We got a puppy here and she’s been wonderful! The whole process was super smooth from seeing her picture on the website, to receiving videos and pictures of her as she grew, to meeting and picking her up. Doodle is now 10 months old and is one of the most loving little girls I have ever met."

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